12 March 2016

Trip to Kranji Marshes

Went to Kranji Marshes with my dad a few days ago. Took a taxi from our home and reached there at around 8.30AM. Quite empty on a weekday morning.

Things to take note:
- It gets really hot and the whole area has very little shade (if you are walking around).
- Only one bathroom (at the entrance)
- Make sure you have a bag to keep your rubbish
- Be QUIET, so you don't scare the wildlife away
- Be respectful, don't kill anything or litter

For more information, visit the NParks official site here!

Check out more photos here!

For the photos below, click on them to make them bigger. (easier to see)

Front Entrance
Carpark area

There is a vending machine for drinks in the corner
Bathrooms, very clean inside!
path to the actual marshes

The marshes are (unfortunately) right next to a huge construction site, so do expect lots of noise and smoke from that area.

There are small shelters like this around the area.

view from the tower
view from the tower

Bus timings

Do take a photo of the bus timings before setting out, so that you can keep track of when you need to start walking back. The pick up zone is not at the Kranji Marshes entrance, you need to walk to the resort nearby. (5 mins walk) Make sure you also have cash on hand to pay for the bus fare.

*This is (obviously) NOT a sponsored post :P*