09 May 2016

Sixty40 Review

{Sixty40 is a bar/cafe located at Rochester Mall, Singapore}

My family decided to try the food here after my mom saw this deal : http://www.groupon.sg/deals/singapore/sixty40-bar-cafe/721299471 . As of today (9 May 2016), this deal is still ongoing, click on the link if you are interested in getting it.
We got the "6 food items for up to 4 people, $39.80. (Original price would be $90)

(These photos were taken with my Asus Zenfone 2, that is why the quality is not that good)

Sixty40's website: http://www.sixty40.com.sg/

1st plate

We decided to sit outside since it was a cooling day. They do have speakers playing outside, unfortunately the speakers kept going quiet every few minutes. Music would start, then stop (not paused) after a while, then start again and the cycle would repeat. There were probably 4 breaks in just one 3 minute long song.

For our food, we decided to get crispy (classic) fries, crunchy wings, Spanish garlic prawns, BBQ pork ribs and 2 beef tataki. The German wurst and grilled squid were both out of stock when we went.

We waited for at least 20 minutes for the food to arrive. The food came in two parts, the first one had the fries, wings and ribs. The second, which came after we finished the first plate, had the prawns and beef. We all expected the food to arrive at the same time.

Fries and wings

The portions were quite small. The only food I would consider ordering again is the wings. It was really light, crispy and fluffy. The fries were not worth it at all. I feel that fries from Mcdonald's are more tasty and definitely much cheaper. Ribs were average.


2nd plate

For the second plate, the prawns came in a bowl of hot oil.

The beef was not consistent. One portion was well done while the other was medium rare. Would not recommend either.

Overall, I would not eat here again unless there is a better deal for the amount of food we are getting.

*This is NOT a sponsored post*