13 May 2016

Park Hotel Alexandra, Deluxe Room Tour

For Mother's Day, my mom booked the Deluxe room in Park Hotel Alexandra for her and my grandma to stay in.

Although I didn't get to sleep in the room, I got to enjoy several hotel facilities! The pool was not super big, but it was an infinity pool, next to the pool bar. During the day, it was quite empty so we pretty much had the pool to ourselves. The pool also had a jacuzzi area on the other side. (surrounding the gym) However, the jacuzzi did not have any water jets. (if it did, we didn't see any switch to turn it on)

The gym was quite spacious and had a variety of equipments. The only downside is that the audio was not working for some of the treadmill's tv. For mine, I had to leave my earphones half plugged in, if not, the volume would keep jumping back to 20. Which was really loud. The gym also had towels and bottles of water for us to use!

For the deluxe room, there was not much leg space but we did have about 10 people over after dinner. The bathroom had no bathtub and the drainage system of the shower was not good. When I was showering, the shower area started to overflow into the main bathroom floor. The view from the room window however, was gorgeous! I would have loved to do a timelapse video of that! (if I were staying overnight)

Check out the video I did below for the room/gym/pool tour!

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