23 October 2016

Dragon Phoenix Restaurant Review

Their website- http://www.dragonphoenix.com.sg/home/

Food was average, service was really poor.

 Although the restaurant was almost empty (at most 4-5 other tables besides ours, probably only 10% filled), the servers were really slow. A bowl of rice took forever to come, after 15- 20 minutes, we had to ask a different waiter for the bowl of rice. Surprisingly, the two vegetable dishes we ordered came about an hour after all the meat and tofu dishes came.. (I thought veggie dishes would normally be faster)

Our first dish was the free Peking duck. The first waiter who was slicing the skin off the duck was really inexperienced. We could tell from the way he sliced and how long he took. After about 10 minutes, the other waiter (more experienced) took over. The other waiter took half the time the first waiter did. The worst part of it? Both of them were TALKING over the food while preparing the Peking duck dish. So UNHYGIENIC! 

Food wise, the beef dish was my favourite. Compared to other Chinese restaurants, the beef here was not super chewy and was well cooked.

For the Peking duck skin dish, we would have preferred if they didn't use crepe. Their crepe was folded in such a way that made it thick and hard to chew. It was also not as crispy as those served in other Chinese restaurants. 

Definitely do not recommend anyone to come here, just based on the fact that the waiters were unhygienic.

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