26 February 2016

Book Depository Review Part 2

Update on the books i ordered from Bookdepository.com

10 February 2016- Ordered the books

15 February 2016- Received two separate emails saying my books have been dispatched from UK. I ordered a total of three books. The first email mentioned two, the second email mentioned one. As stated in the email i received, "Be aware that many items are dispatched separately." So do take note that your books may not arrive together.

26 February 2016- Finally received my books! Came in three different packages as shown in the photo. The white packages has bubble wrap lining while the cardboard one didn't.

 The book "The Edge of the Cloud" came with a slight fold from pages 69-88. I sent the company an email about it. Will update if they respond.

*Update* A few hours later, they emailed me back saying that they will send a replacement copy that will be dispatched soon.

Overall, I had a positive experience. The books are in very good condition (except that one book). They took around 10 days to arrive after being dispatched from UK. I would recommend using this site to purchase books if you do not need it urgently. ( Delivery time varies from country to country )

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14 March 2016- Replacement copy arrived!

Damaged copy on the left, new copy on the right.
I noticed that both books had slightly different page cover/paper colours.

Pleased with their service!