12 February 2016

Book Depository Review Part 1

I used Bookdepository.com for the first time to order books and was really pleased with how quick the service was!

4:44 PM- When i checked out, I forgot to put the discount code. I emailed them asking if they could either cancel my order so i can place another order with the code, or could they help me add in the discount. Honestly expected them to reply after 2-3 days.

11:27 PM- They replied my email saying that they issued a 10% discount and paypal sent me a separate email mentioning that the refund has been made! The Customer Advisor was really friendly too!

For this website, they provide FREE delivery worldwide to over 100 countries! Plus an extra 10% off for Singapore customers!!! (probably for Chinese New Year, offer ends on 15 February)
They also have a 'Bargain Shop' section on their site with books that are 50% off or more! So awesome!!

Will update more when i receive my order :D

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