06 August 2016

Food Reviews from Eating places at the Kallang Wave Mall

 What you see when you come out from the MRT station. (Crowded because this was on National Day Parade preview 2)

BBQ beef from the Korean stall in the food court. (first one on the right when you first walk in)

The portions were worth the price I paid. The beef was nice, the first few pieces I ate had a bit of fat in them, but other than that, really tasty!

Chocolate and Caramel Macchiato ice cream from Marble Slab Creamery. (Ground level)
When we were ordering, there was only one lady doing all the work, so she was a bit slow. She had to go back and forth between scooping our ice cream and making someone else's waffles.

The coconut ice cream they had didn't taste fresh (I asked for a sample), so I went with the caramel macchiato and chocolate instead. The caramel macchiato was slightly salty, but not overpowering. Super yummy!

Went for the NDP Preview 2!
Read my blog post on it here!
 After the preview, we headed back to the mall for dinner at around 9PM. All the food places had queues due to the NDP crowd. We ended up going to Aji-Ichi. (level 2) As we had 8 people in our group, we had to wait in line for about 30 minutes (or more).

These were the sake we ordered. Left is peach flavoured, right is plain(?). The left one was sweeter while the one on the right had a stronger alcohol taste to it. Definitely prefer the right one more!

We Ordered chicken wings and gyoza too. I felt that these two were average.

 Beef Yakiniku Ishinabe. Really tasty! Had an egg in the middle. The bowl stayed hot even after we finished the food! (I shared it with my aunt)

Matcha Cheese cake. Im not a fan of cheese cake. I actually ordered something else, but that was out of stock.

The top layer is cheese, middle is red bean and the bottom is matcha. The sauce drizzled over the cake is black sesame. The matcha was slightly bitter but overall, the combination worked. In my opinion, once I was halfway through the cake, I didn't feel like finishing it anymore. (strong taste)

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